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BM Baltic Ltd. is an official Lithuanian dealer of the Polish company "Kimla", a manufacturer of CNC machines designed for professional operation.

  • “Kimla” is one of the leaders in this industry, thus it offers all the latest technological innovations and competitive prices.
  • The machines manufactured by company “Kimla” were awarded with a gold medal during International Fair ITM held in Pozanan, Poland at 2013/Mach-Tool.
  • We will not only help you in choosing the most suitable product, but we will also order it and deliver it for you.
  • Moreover, we can even train your staff how to operate the new machines, if necessary.
  • More details about the “Kimla” products.

We suggest cutting particularly thin parts by using “Kimla” fiber lasers. Besides, this could also cost you up to 10 less, in addition to reaching the same cutting rate by using a fiber laser and consuming half the power in comparison to a CO2 laser. See how various fiber lasers manufactured by “Kimla” work: